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The Johnston Group was established in 2018 from humble beginnings in Tampa, Florida. Ryan Johnston started this business with funds he saved from working at his 9-5 and hard-money loans. Each project finished has been increasingly higher quality than the one before it.

Not only is Ryan finding & funding the deals, he is the designer, the general contractor, quality control, and the realtor. As the owner operator, Ryan is involved in every aspect of the business - for now.

Each project we take on, we learn and grow from, with the goal of completing projects the right way - not cutting any corners in the process.

Meet the Owner

Ryan has been around the residential industry since he was born! His dad played a key part early in his life by getting Ryan involved with his work as a carpenter. Ryan's dad would take him to his job sites, make him spot errors in blueprints, and encourage Ryan to design and build his own projects at a very young age.

In high school, Ryan would take on side-jobs with his dad to earn some extra money until he went on to Ball State University to get his bachelors degree in Architecture with a minor in Sustainability. Every summer, Ryan would come back to work with his dad and get more hands-on experience.

After school, Ryan went on to work on massive projects with general contracting company, Walsh Construction. Ryan worked on several million dollar and billion dollar projects around the United States - ranging from airports to student housing to highly-complex medical facilities. This period of time at Walsh was invaluable experience as he learned how a large general contractor and developer would look at, and plan for, a project of grand scale. He took this experience and applied it to the business he was dreaming of until he could get the funds to take on projects himself!


The foundation of this firm rests on key principles in which it operates every single day. The culture is organized around a set of beliefs that set us apart from other investment firms and drives us to excel.







Our commitment to our investors and clients is to be the best real estate partners and equity firm we can be. To better serve the people who we interact with on a business and a personal level. To make the world around us better than before us. With a long-term plan and unwavering ambition, we at the Johnston Group will stop at nothing to deliver a high quality product that produces excellent returns for our clients.
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